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                                       Sample book details
Trim size 210*270mm (landscape)
Cover 4P
Text 32P
End self ends
    Material  Printing Finishing
Material Printing Finishing Case 157gsm C2S Artpaper Mounted on 2.5mm greyboard 4c/0c matt lamination
Ends self ends / /
Text 157gsm C2S Artpaper 5c/5c /
Binding Hardcover binding and no ribbon , Square back
Packing water-proof bags,2-ply cartons,pallets


Gold fonts or patterns that are often seen on the cover of books, wooden boards, plastic surfaces, etc., are expressed by heating the desired bronzing pattern or text into a relief plate, and then placing aluminum foil of the desired color on the printed matter After pressing, the aluminum foil of the paper will fall on the printed object. This effect is very good. At the same time, the aluminum foil is tightly attached to the printed object and will never fade.


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