Custom Hardcovwer Notebook Printing

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                                    Sample book details
Trim size 148*210mm(portrait)
Cover 4P
End 8P
Text 160P
    Material  Printing Finishing
Material Printing Finishing Cover 157gsm C2S Artpaper Mounted on 2.5mm greyboard 4c/0c matt lamination
Ends 200gsm woodfree paper 0c/0c /
Text 80gsm woodfree paper 4c/4c /
Binding Hardcover binding with H&T bands and no ribbon,Square back
Packing water-proof bags,2-ply cartons,pallets



Pay attention




1. Pre-press is document processing system, computer, printer (proof proofs);


2. If the film is inevitable, you will also need a plate exposure machine and a plate processor.


3. Printing: Digital printing machine (black and white) or offset printing machine (monochrome or two-color, you can buy second-hand).


4. Post-press: cutting machine, plastic binding machine, thread locking machine.


5. Version room: PS version full-open exposure machine, translucent table for inspection of film and imposition (full-open size)


6. Printing: 08 single-color offset printing machine (printing book inner core) 4 open two-color machine (printing book cover, insufficient funds can be outsourced processing can not buy)


7. Binding: disc packing machine (used with plastic bags), paper cutting machine (for cutting printed materials of various specifications), folio laminating machine (covering various materials for laminating), stapler , Flatteners, balers, small trailers can also buy a knife sharpener, full-open wooden pallets.


Printing classification: Different types of printing business have different uses. Such as book printing, news printing, advertising printing, etc.


Printing of books and magazines used to be letterpress.


News printing: In the past, we used the letterpress rotary press to print, because of its fast speed and large print volume. Recently, in order to meet the needs of color, use lithographic or gravure rotary printing.


Advertising printing: including color pictures, pictorials, posters, etc., most of which are lithographic printing, occasionally with letterpress, gravure or stencil printing.


Stationery printing: such as envelopes, stationery, invitations, business cards, account books, workbooks, etc., must be cheap and printed in large quantities, so the quality is lower, so letterpress printing is preferred.



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