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Brief description:

In 1989, Qingxin company was founded. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the market-oriented and customer-oriented business philosophy. It is determined to stand on the trend, adhere to the ambition and boldness of being a follower of the industry, from small to large, from weak to strong, operate steadily, realize the operation from product management to brand management, and gradually develop into one of the few large-scale comprehensive printing enterprises in Shenzhen, At the same time, it has become the director unit of Shenzhen Association and won the titles of Shenzhen civilized enterprise and Shenzhen excellent private enterprise for many times.


  • Do these eight precautions to make a perfect print

    First, pay attention to observe the proofs   ①Sample inspection during printing. Shortly after entering official printing, the amount of ink supply and water supply determined at the time of printing will change somewhat, and frequent sampling and inspection should be ...

  • What is the difference between hardcover album printing and ordinary album printing?

    When deciding the need to make a corporate album, it is necessary to distinguish this … Hardcover album printing, as its name implies, is higher-end than ordinary albums, and requires more demanding corporate albums to be printed. It has a more tasteful appearance and displays information s...

  • U.S. book publishing market

    The United States is not only the most developed country in the global printing industry, but its book publishing industry is also among the best. Although the traditional book industry has been impacted and affected by informatization, networking, and digitization, the US book publishing industr...

  • Six factors that affect the printing effect of paper

    1. Thickness: refers to the thickness of the paper, and the thickness of the paper should be uniform, otherwise the printing effect will be significantly different. Mita printing hardcover book in the implementation of the procurement of paper have solved this problem, bulk of the paper Each prod...

  • True distinction between hardcover and paperback

    There are two main processes of printing and binding for the production of each paper book, so to distinguish between hardcover and paperback, the printing process is the same first, but the importance of color management in Shenzhen Meida Printing Factory applies to All books and periodicals are...